Using ICT to empower human rights & society

The projects we take on strive to meet the United Nation's Sustainability Goals for 2030


Our contribution to society using tech

An app to stop harassers

Many women feel unsafe at night. Stay connected with this app, and no one has to walk alone. We will be able to tell you more about this project soon.

Education sees no borders

Getting a first class education in your field of study means leaving your field of habitat ;) More about this project to come.

CO2CO2 Puffs

A web based real-time map showing greenhouse gas emission from traffic and the effect on air quality. With cooperation from KTH innovation labs.The web interface displays real time traffic pollution based on retrospective data and current data

Reuniting lost children with their parents

An Android & iOS app to help kids who have gotten lost in public places and can't find their parents.

What's happnin' in the hood?

An app that helps to make inclusion in the society, The android app, helps people to feel comfortable in the society. Available soon in the Android Store.

Toxic ingredient warnings

Many beauty and hygiene products contain harmful ingredients. Naturskyddsföreningen wanted to draw attention to this in a humorous way.


An app to show what are all the social cause based apps which a social worker working for a better world can participate and get information.

New in city

An illustration based app to guide new person arriving in any city to know how to feel safe in any city, this app is done with the idea of inclusion in the society

Kollam - Heritage

An illustration based app to bring life to one of the oldest art form named kollam

Self Learning app

An app to promote self learning to empower human being with skills

Our Team

Meet our team members

  • Emily Ryan

    Illustrator / Designer

  • Kay Nag

    Contributor to Society

  • Karla Gomez


  • Nishanth Kumar

    Designing better life

  • Santhosh Kumar

    Business Advisor,India

  • Francisco C Lohr

    Tech Lead

  • Ali Raza

    Tech Lead


    iOS Developer

  • Mar Gabriel Tabilla

    Tech lead & NYC office Advisor


    Android Developer

  • Fauzanil

    Backend Developer


    UI UX Designer

  • Ahmed Ojo

    FullStack Developer

  • Orsi

    Design Lead

  • Maicon Wagner

    Developer Advisor

  • Ashwani Kumar Luhaniwal

    Developer Advisor

  • Julia Dashevska

    User Experience Lead


    Web Developer


    FullStack Developer